I’ve worked at the ‘front line’ of education so all my guidance for educational settings is practical, flexible and proven. No unrealistic idealism here.

Much of my time is spent working with education settings training staff, speaking to students about their mental wellbeing and/or speaking to parents on how to best support their children. 

How do I do that?

My non-threatening humorous approach uses all my professional knowledge and qualifications, along with my lived experience and understanding of what happens on a daily basis in school, how much pressure staff are under.

I know so much mental health and wellbeing advice given isn’t really practical for many schools or easily implemented – that’s not me.

I also regularly offer live webinars training staff on using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques as part of daily practice to help staff and pupils.  Providing tools and techniques that can be used immediately to effect positive change.

I’m even giving you an opportunity to get my free Student CBT Resources e-Book, if you click the button below.

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Educational Training

As well as conducting INSET and training for individual schools and Academy Trusts, Sam works to provide educational training via various training companies and you can find out more information about upcoming training here:


Education Conferences UK

RTA Training


Have some free help right now!

I’ll let you have my free Student CBT Resource Book that can be used in your setting.  It contains some basic CBT activities that can be used by everyone, straight away.  All I need is your name and e-mail address to send it to you:

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